Siña Lightworks

Towards a New Visual Poetry

Our buildings have opened themselves up to the flow of light, showing us marvelous new qualities of space. And, through lucky accident, the forms and colors of city lights often produce visions of great splendor. Why, then, are we not struck by the realization that the means of a stupendous new public art has been put in our hands? Is the city, the center of human life today, a runaway monster, so overwhelming as to be beyond all possibility of control? Perhaps. And perhaps not. With courage enough, we can, by plan and by purpose, produce rich poetry of light and color on the scale of the whole environment.

That radiant new visual poetry is not yet here, although its elements are all around us. It is being born. It is an art of enormous promise and, with this belief, I welcome the opportunity to make some comments about Alejandro Siña’s work. I have respect for his single minded commitment and his tenacity which is combined with convincing competence. I consider him to be one of the promising artists who could bring the potentials of the kinetic light medium into important poetic forms. There are many who have tried this, but I am sure that Alejandro Siña will succeed.

Statement by Gyorgy Kepes
Founder and Director Emiritus
Center for Advanced Visual Studies
Massachusetts Institute of Technology