Siña Lightworks

Alejandro and Moira Siña have worked as a team for many years. From Chile and the U.S. respectively, each bring their own talents to their collaborative process. While a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Alejandro Siña pioneered the use of high frequency electronics and luminous gas phenomena as media for artistic expression. Moira brings her background in architecture and design to complete the team known as Sina Lightworks.

Electricity, glass and luminous gases are part of the palette they use to create ethereal kinetic works with light and color, exploring art and technology interaction. Their body of work includes the following forms:

Sina Lightworks has extensive experience working with architects, lighting designers, interior designers and art committees.

Sina Lightworks has exhibited in the U.S. and internationally. Their Lightworks are featured in the following books; "The Anthology of Light Artists", "Contemporary Neon", "Liquid Fire", "The Magic of Neon" and "La Pintura en Chile". Their work is part of the permanent collections of the Bruce Museum, The Morris Museum, Museo de Bellas Artes, Santiago, The Butler Institute of American Art and the Isetan Museum, Tokyo as well as in numerous private and corporate collections.


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